Intercultural Awareness

Intercultural Awareness is an essential element in the development of individual and organizational cultural competence.

Culture defines how we act and behave within our own culture and influences our interaction with other people from other cultures. In order to appropriately interact with people from other cultures we need to be aware of and appreciate these differences.

Intercultural Awareness training provides the knowledge and skills to understand cultural differences that exist and develops personal and organizational growth.

Our Intercultural Awareness training typically includes:

  • understanding own Culture and the impact it has on people’s values, attitudes, and behavior
  • how to use cultural values, attitudes, and behavior for business growth
  • perceptions, stereotypes and expectations
  • misinterpretation=misunderstanding
  • Culture sensitivity and key competencies
  • self-assessment

All our Intercultural Awareness trainings are designed to accomodate the specific requests of our clients depending on each person or group’s needs.

Intercultural awareness is a skill needed by anyone who interacts in the global market.